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Cinnamon Rolls (no upcharge for dairy free or Vegan)- $15/12 Sticky Buns $15/12 Scones $10/6 Muffins $10/6 jumbo or $15/12 regular Pies start at $10 and are seasonal offerings Cookies $10/12 *add $1 per cookie for customized sugar) Cakepops start at $15/12 and are customizable Cakes start at $25 for a 9″ round.  Please email … [Read more…]

Hidden Gluten: Surprising Things that Contain Gluten

If you are one of many people who have Celiac or a serious gluten allergy, you are probably pretty savvy at knowing what food items contain gluten.  As a matter of fact, in 2013, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), developed gluten free labeling standards for food.  These standards stated that food labeled as … [Read more…]